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Health Care In The Congo

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the lack of access to health care has created an environment where curable and communicable diseases prove fatal for vast portions of the population. A fractured economy and poor infrastructure has left the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo in an environment with severely limited access to health care. Hospitals and clinics struggle to staff their clinics with doctors and nurses, surgical supplies and medicine.

  • The mortality rate in the DRC is 57% higher than the rest of sub-Saharan Africa and among the highest in the world.
  • The average life expectancy is a mere 46 years.
  • While children constitute only 19% of the population they account for 47% of all deaths in the DRC.
  • With more than half of children lacking any access to health care, nearly 11% of children in the DRC will die before turning five years old.


What JPF Is Doing to Help

To combat this escalating problem, the Jatukik Providence Foundation provides medical supplies, treats patients through its public health care clinics, and facilitates visits from medical professionals via its international volunteer doctor corps. Visiting doctors assist the clinics in providing patient care and also educate local physicians about the use of new medical treatments and technology. JPF medical professionals focus much of their efforts on providing education about immunization and preventive treatments, providing communities with the tools to keep their people healthy, and reducing mortality rates from infections and illnesses that are largely treatable. Through its volunteer initiative and health clinics, JPF aims to ensure a robust and stable work force, a long and vigorous life for future generations of Congolese children, and an overall healthier population.


Medical Aid

JPF’s began distributing medical aid in 1999 with the first deliveries in partnership with the Catholic Medical Mission Board. JPF currently delivers medical equipment and supplies to clinics and hospitals across the DRC in collaboration with local Congolese NGO’s.  Provinces that benefit include Bandundu, Bas Congo, Equateur, Kasai and Kivu.  As of 2012, the value of JPF’s supply shipments to the DRC has totaled over US $4.5 million.


The Kibeti Health Center

Responding to the country’s urgent health care needs, JPF built the Kibeti Health Center, which provides the only basic health services available to the poor villagers and subsistence farmers in the Kwilu District of the Bandundu Province. People trek great distances by foot and on bicycle to avail themselves of care provided by four medically trained nurses. The community benefits both through direct treatments of diseases as well as through education programs about preventive care. The clinic treats approximately 25 patients per month for a range of ailments including cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses, malaria, yellow fever, polio, and meningitis.


Orphanage Program

Instead of playing and receiving an education in school, young Congolese boys and girls are being forced to join guerilla armies and are frequently sexually assaulted and raped. Nearly half of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s 69 million people are under the age of 15.

Widespread malnutrition, which causes limited brain capacity, has resulted in parents believing their children are possessed. As a consequence, these children are abandoned. In the Democratic Republic of Congo there are approximately 20,000 street children, or “shegues,” in the capital city of Kinshasa.

To help remedy the atrocities facing the youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jatukik Providence Foundation operates the Eve/Eden orphanage located in Kinshasa’s Ngaba neighbourhood.

In 2010, in collaboration with the Spence-Chapin Adoption Agency in New York City, JPF became the first NGO to secure the legal adoption of Congolese orphans by US families. As of 2012, 9 children have been adopted from JPF’s orphanages. The orphanage currently cares for over 100 children.

If you are interested in learning more about our child sponsorship and adoption programs, please email us at or call our office at 202-758-3404.

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