To achieve its mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, JPF applies smart, sustainable solutions in the fields of health & child care, education, and environmental conservation.



A fractured economy and poor infrastructure has left the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo  with severely limited access to health care. Hospitals and clinics struggle to staff their clinics with doctors and nurses, surgical supplies, and medicine.

To combat this escalating problem, the Jatukik Providence Foundation provides medical supplies, treats patients through its public health care clinics, and facilitates visits from medical professionals via its international volunteer doctor corps. Visiting doctors assist the clinics in providing patient care and also educate local physicians about the use of new medical treatments and technology. Read more




In 2006, JPF built an adult job training center located in Kinshasa. With a staff constantly assessing the economic climate of the surrounding area, JPF provides  students with training directly relevant to the needs of local employers. Men and women can take free job training courses including Microsoft Office training, basic literacy lessons, and vocational classes on sewing, hair styling, and other trades. Read more




One of Jatukik Providence Foundation’s proudest achievements has been the establishment of the pilot ecovillage in Kibeti.  Kibeti comprises thirteen villages whose community is made up of roughly 20,000 people who escaped disease and violence from other regions of the country. In Kibeti, the people build their own infrastructure, organize and coordinate agricultural efforts that take the protection of the environment and women’s empowerment into consideration, build schools, as well as create community health care programs. JPF assists the village in establishing democratically elected governments, with each town electing officials for eight different domains. Read more






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There are many ways that you can get involved and begin helping today.

Donate. Volunteer. Adopt or sponsor a child.

With 80% of the population in the Congo surviving on less than $2 per day, every contribution makes an enormous difference.

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