Why does the Congo have a bad reputation?

After achieving its independence in the early stages of the Cold War, the Congo has since been a victim of political strife. The instabilities resulted in dictatorships and oppression that bred militant rebel groups, civil unrest and poor infrastructure. Consequently, media coverage of the DRC is limited to human rights violations and reports of violent instability. Outbreaks of infectious disease are also common in the Congo.


What are the biggest issues facing the Congo?

Aside from violence in the east, a lack of infrastructure has led to an ineffective government unequipped to meet the population’s basic needs. There is no organized health care system and few hospitals.  Schools are available exclusively for the wealthy and less than 30% of the population has access to clean water.


What potential does the Congo have for development and success?

At the time of independence from Belgium in 1960, the DRC was the second-most industrialized country in Africa. Coups and dictatorships set the Congo back and the people are just now beginning to recover. With an abundance of mineral and agricultural wealth, the country possesses vast economic potential. Many leaders in the international community, including the World Bank and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, acknowledge that the Congo is key to overall development of the African continent.


Why is the international community hesitant to help the Congo?

A history of instability under authoritarian regimes has made many donors distrusting about the use of their contributions.  Although the violence remains isolated to select regions in the East, repeated reports describing human rights violations repel some aid groups and foreign governments from investing their time and resources into the country. Of course, ignoring the problem will not make it disappear. Due to the many problems throughout its history, the Congo deserves even more attention and aid, not less.


What does JPF specifically do to help orphaned children?

JPF operates two orphanages in Kinshasa. Children in our care receive love, supervision, housing, education, medical care, a healthy diet, and counseling. When children are brought to us, we work closely with local authorities to ensure we are providing the child with the necessary tools for success.


We are the first organization to secure legal adoptions for Congolese orphans. Although we are proud to provide the children with the love they deserve, our ultimate goal is that all of our orphans will be welcomed into the homes of their adoptive parents.


What can I do to help?

Although the atrocities and injustices are widespread, few people throughout the world seem to know about them. The easiest way to help Jatukik Providence Foundation is to simply find out more about the situation, engage in conversation, and take a stand. We appreciate donations and welcome volunteers who are interested in helping us in the U.S. or abroad in Africa. For more information, email us at info@jatukikprovidence.org


What are my donations going toward?

Donations received go directly towards shipping and storage costs of aid supplies and to the travel of educators in the Congo. Depending on the needs of the community, JPF will pay for various consultants to travel to our work sites and address the concerns of the Congolese people. JPF believes using funds to send skilled educators to the Congo is the most effective and practical development strategy. Relying heavily on volunteers, JPF is able to allocate funds almost entirely to service on the ground. Only 1 percent of total expenses are used to offset administrative costs.

Get Involved
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There are many ways that you can get involved and begin helping today.

Donate. Volunteer. Adopt or sponsor a child.

With 80% of the population in the Congo surviving on less than $2 per day, every contribution makes an enormous difference.

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