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Challenging conditions and a lack of resources make adequate educational services scarce in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The lack of learning and training resources has led to astonishingly poor literacy rates and a widespread inability to obtain necessary career skills.


Across the world, people are realizing the need to live in harmony with our natural resources. This is especially important in Congo, which ranks among the world’s poorest countries based on per capita GDP but one of the richest in natural resources and minerals.


A fractured economy and poor infrastructure have left the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo in an environment with severely limited access to health care. The mortality rate in the DRC is 57% higher than the rest of sub-Saharan Africa and among the highest in the world.

Smart Solution: JPF’s education program strives not only to equip trainees with practical skills to succeed in the work force and support their families, but also to promote a sense of confidence in their abilities to transform and make better the communities in which they live…more Smart Solution: In Kibeti, the Congolese people build their own infrastructure, organize and coordinate agricultural efforts that take the protection of the environment and women’s empowerment into consideration, build schools, as well as create community health care programs…more Smart Solution: To combat this escalating problem, JPF provides medical supplies, treats patients through its public health care clinics, and facilitates visits from medical professionals via its international volunteer doctor corps. …more
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With 80% of the population in the Congo surviving on less than $2 per day, every contribution makes an enormous difference.

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